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Welcome to OnCourse!. To login to OnCourse with your eServices ID, click the button below. Login. Login to OnCourse with your Guest/Auditor ID. on course 1. Literally, in the correct direction or toward the intended destination. Could you check the map? I want to be sure we're still on course. 2. By extension, proceeding according to the intended or ideal plan. I got really distracted from my studies after my girlfriend broke up with me, so I'm trying to get back on course. If sales remain. ON COURSE: STRATEGIES FOR CREATING SUCCESS IN COLLEGE AND IN LIFE, STUDY SKILLS PLUS, 3rd Edition, empowers you with the tools you need to take charge of.

course (kôrs) n. 1. a. Development in a particular way; progress: the course of events. b. Movement in time; duration: in the course of a year. 2. a. The direction of continuing movement: The boat took a northern course. b. The route or path taken by something that moves, such as a stream or vehicle. 3. Sports a. A designated route or area on which a. ON COURSE Moscow-based clothing brand for women, who rely on universal 'absolute' models without any ties to season trends. We are in @kursovoy oncourse.ru. Texas OnCourse is the state's definitive source for college and career planning resources, for educators, students, and families. With Texas OnCourse, all high school students, no matter where they come from or where they're headed, have a plan for what's next..

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